M.T. PARCA Thermal Water

Born of the blessings and benevolence of the town of Montecatini.

Shaped by 2000 years of history, gifted with the bounty of natural resources, spurred by the passion of dedicated scientists and formulated with the golden balance of four natural springs, M.T. PARCA Thermal Water invigorates the skin, giving it radiance, vitality and clarity.

In the days of the Roman Empire, the thermal waters of Montecatini were said to perform miracles. Legend has it that wounded Roman warriers bathed in the fountain and found their skin reborn with a revitalised glow. Montecatini continues to be one of the most celebrated spa resort towns in Italy, owing it to its four thermal springs. Locals have long used the thermal waters to enhance their wellbeing, each concocting mixtures to best treat their ailments.

Driven by fascination, the scientists of Montecatini embarked on a mission to uncover the key ingredient which would reward all seekers of beauty with beautiful skin. After 300 iterations, the golden balance was uncovered. This beauty ingredient was named M.T. PARCA Thermal Water, signifying water that gives life from within.