This roller technology harnesses the science of carbon and Far Infrared Rays to help rejuvenate the skin’s appearance from within. Heat energy from the far infrared rays emitted through carbon activates cells, while the combination of roller technology promotes circulation, further accelerating the cell activation process, giving a lifting effect. X

THE ONYX BLACK can be used on:

  • Face
  • Body: décolletage, arms, waist & feet

Key Technology

High Density Carbon

ATP, hormones, DNA, red blood cells. These chemical element structures that exist within our bodies are composed almost entirely of carbon. Carbon’s affinity with the body is extremely high, making it a perfectly safe substance.

Far infrared rays emitted from carbon causes vibrations that generate heat energy within the body. The heat energy generated is transmitted deep inside the body through conduction, activating cells from the surface to deeper within to bring a firming & lifting effect.

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has authorized far infrared ray treatment devices for home use.

Dual Motion Technology

The rollers encourage circulation through two motions: “hold and lift” and “rub to drain”. This ensures oxygen and nutrition are delivered to cells while waste products are excreted, purifying and activating cells.

Hold and lift motion: Stimulates micro-circulation in the surface layers of the skin and circulation in capillary vessels and lymphatic capillaries.

Rubbing and draining motions: Encourages circulation in blood and lymph vessels deeper down.

This combination of rolling techniques are extremely difficult to carry out simultaneously, but the Double Drainage Rollers make it possible.


i LOVE MDNA! A sensational way to guide your skin to brilliant beauty. An amazing experience and transformation!

Kim Lee, 38